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Catlateral Damage

Show the humans who rules in the ultimate cat simulator.

Being a casual gamer and an admitted cat enthusiast, you can probably get a decent mental image of my reaction to seeing the game “Catlateral Damage” available on the PS4 store. For a little background, the game is a first person simulation of what it’s like to be a cat. Given you are one of those cats that’s also a raging asshole. “Test gravity” as you race the clock to make as big of a mess as possible before your faithful human comes home to clean it all up like the good little peasant they are. The game was originally created in 2013 for the 7DFPS Game Jam, and honestly, I’m a little upset I’m only just now finding out about it. It’s received consistent praise with a 9/10 on Steam and a 4/5 on The controls are simple as are the graphics but after just a few minutes of playing I can already tell you this is my new favorite game for life. Sorry Link. Honestly, just watch the trailer. I won’t even make you open a new tab. It’s everything I could have wanted and more.

It’s okay if you want to re-watch it. I’ll wait. Okay, moving on now. Looking through the eyes of your chosen feline friend and must either swipe, shove, or push objects onto the floor. You can also pick up the items with your kitty jaws if it’s small enough. Aside from the main purrrpose of the game, there are also random events that happen as you play, such as a mouse being lose, a power outage, and the dastardly red laser dot, to name a few. Receive power-ups by completing the events, if possible, or by interacting with specific items in the level such as your litter box, scratchy toys, and more. The game also contains a meow-ntain of Easter eggs with small hidden toys like Octodad, Isaac from Binding of Isaac (another favorite of mine), and Goat Simulator! And I haven’t even gotten around to talking about the best part. You can play it in VR!!! Currently available for PSVR as well as HTC Vive. I was skeptical about getting PSVR before now due to its huge price point and limited amount of compatible content but this might just send me over the edge.


Catlateral Damage has three modes and a plethora of cats to play as which you unlock by finding (and knocking on the floor) said cats photograph. The three modes consist of racing a clock to collect a pre-determined point goal, racing a two minute count-down to try and get as many points as possible, and free play, which has no timer. In this mode, the only limit is the actual number of items available in the level to be knocked over. Plus, it’s called “Litterbox” mode. Can we all just appreciate how adorable this whole thing is? No? Just me? Okay. Well, speaking of levels, there are several to choose from including a holiday themed room with presents and a tree as well a mad scientists laboratory and a grocery store. The game also comes with a fair number of trophies for PS4, which I am currently in the process of obsessively collecting. I have never wanted to have a platinum trophy so badly. The only complaint I’ve had about this entire game is that if you were to theoretically spend a large amount of time making sure you had Every. Single. Item. on the floor, if it gave you a little “Good Job!” or some confetti or something. Instead of leaving you sad and alone in your pjs realizing you just spent two hours knocking things over while in real life your house was already a mess…..hypothetically.

All in all, I give this game maximum paws up! So go claw, swat, swipe, and paw your way to entertainment! Right Meow!

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