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Panelology: A Podcast About Reading Comics

We at Geek Taco are proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with the awesome folks over at Panelology! We’ll be bringing you their podcast on comics, games, and whatever other nerdy thing crosses their minds. Check out some recent episodes below, and be sure to like them on Facebook!

For the entire Panelology backlog and up to date news, head over to their official website.

Panelology Podcast

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Bruce in the Doghouse; Holy Paternity Suit, Batman; Emo Batman; Extreme Spelunking; Shocking Returns; Supervillain Ethics 101; Read All About It; Steve Rogers Truthers; What Do Pym Particles Smell Like?; Brousins; Sinister Six Returns; IISG: Like a Wrecking Ball; LBCBR: Words, Words, Words

Listen to episode 79 here!

Dreamweaver; Brain Drain; Thick, Dark, and Imposing; Rockin’ with Daken; Amazing Friends; Bat-Family Meeting; What Is Dead May Never Die; Everybody Wants to Rule the World; High Hopes; Good Vibrations; Ain’t No Party Like a Stark Party; Heads-Up; Getting the Band Back Together; Gwen’s Punk Phase; Hard-Havering Heroes; IISG: Hey Brian; LBCBR: A Nippy Nuclear Winter

Listen to Episode 78 here!

Working Out the Kinkles; Well Played; Where’d Ya Get Them Peepers?; Hollywood Horrors; Gettin’ Juggy with It; Dreamy Psychopaths; They Got Better; Full Contact Hopscotch; Brother’s Keeper; And What Do We Do with a Witch?; Something About Eve; Dirty, Magic Money; Young Guns; High Steaks; Bugging Out; Beating the Devil; We Shall Haunt on the Beaches; Tricksy Bobbittses; That Voodoo That You Do; The Devil’s Chord; InSPECTRE General; Reasons to Avoid Flavor Aid; Field of Screams; This Odd House; Batcula; The Papal Chase; Wade Should Have Gone to the Cellar; LBCBR: Why Hyenas Laugh

Listen to Episode 77 Here!

With Bat-Like Tread ; 50 Shades of Bruce; This Little Pyg Had None; Like an Ogre; Mr. Napier, If You’re Nasty; Moose Wants Pants Too; Party Like It’s 1999; Some Assembly Required; Superior Hawkeye; No Time for Losers; Purple and Terrifying; Inhumans Comics Are Good; Spidey’s Man in Chair; Unholy Rollers; Platonic Symbiosis; Little Deathstrokes; LBCBR: Golden Boy

What Is a Legacy?; Spider Hang Sesh; Capstone; Mephisto’s Aside; The End of Fury’s Road; Paint It Black; Like a Batarang; Dick Gets Around; To Protect and Serve; Batman and Robin; The Importance of a Good Wrap-Up; Stjepan Time; An Critical Message for Steve Trevor; Orcjectification; Reading by Whale Lamplight; IISG: What Goes Down; LBCBR: The Limits of Alex’s Masochism