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Coast 2 Coast: Shaking Up the Card

TLC is here, oh it’s true, it’s damn true!

Kurt Angle is making his return to in-ring action in WWE, this is not a test people! Our Olympic hero is back! And we’re also getting Finn Balor vs AJ Styles!

1) This Sunday is Monday Night Raws Tables, Ladders, & Chairs aka TLC pay per view. What are your thoughts on the card?

Corey: Well first, I would like to wish all the affected superstars that are no longer able to perform Sunday due to viral meningitis a speedy recovery. But with that being said the adjustments that WWE has made are phenomenal. Substituting for Bray Wyatt in his match against Finn Balor is now AJ Styles. That match alone is going to make my night. Also in the match that had the reunited Shield against the Miz, The Bar, Braun Strowman, & Kane we are also getting a replacement for Roman Reigns in the form of our returning Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle! Oh it’s true, it’s damn true! I’m positive WWE was waiting for a bigger event to bring Kurt back but with all of this why not, right? Also lets not forget the main roster debut of Asuka!

Josh: The bought of viral meningitis that hit the locker room has turned this entire PPV on its head. It sort of feels like the old concepts of a super-show where they just threw a bunch of stuff at the wall and said here’s the card. I think the most important aspect of this is that results are not going to matter for the long-term booking. We can just sit back and have fun with this one.

2) What match are you least looking forward to?

Corey: Without a doubt it would be Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann vs Jack Gallagher and the Brian Kendrick. Don’t get me wrong I like all four men but the tag matches in the cruiserweight division have got to stop. Ever since the cruiserweights were brought in the tag matches have been nothing but filler.

Josh: Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox. I’m not sure why this match is happening. It’s on the pre-show, but we saw this on Raw already and I don’t really see much of anything changing from the match they had then and what they’ll have now.

3) What are your thoughts on the rumors of increasing unhappiness amongst WWE superstars?

Corey: Honestly I think it’s just that, rumors. We all know how rumors can be overblown. Now I do believe that there are some superstars that are unhappy with the way that they have been booked, but I don’t think it’s as many stars as the rumor mill would like us to believe.

Josh: I don’t find it particularly surprising. The brand split was supposed to open up a lot of doors for current workers and instead the division between the top and bottom of the card is arguably larger than it’s ever been. It’s a company, people are going to be unhappy when they don’t feel they are showcased properly. Plus, there are so many other opportunities out there for wrestlers right now that building your profile outside the company seems very attractive to a lot of people right now.

4) What are your thoughts on this week’s episode of NXT?

Corey: Josh and I have mentioned time and time again how great NXT is. Triple H deserves every bit of praise he’s received for it. The women’s triple threat match that saw Ember Moon win her place in the fatal four way for the NXT women’s championship match at the next takeover event was amazing. The six-man tag match was decent and a nice introduction to the Undisputed Era. I figured it would end in DQ but I didn’t foresee Authors of Pain being the ones to cause the DQ which I have no problem with. I’ll say it again I am so excited for War Games!

Josh: The greatest thing about NXT is how they treat secondary storylines. Andrade Almas just finished a short program with Johnny Gargano that is leading directly into a feud for the NXT title with Drew McIntyre, but Gargano has a story coming out of that and McIntyre is already feuding with the Undisputed Era. And then there’s this great program happening between Velveteen Dream and Alister Black. That only covers maybe half the storylines happening in NXT right now and it’s only an hour long program. There’s something NXT is able to do with its storytelling that keeps you invested from the start of the show to the very end.

5) With Sami Zayn now aligning himself with Kevin Owens, where do you see things going from here for the two of them?

Corey: For one I think it’s a great way to put Sami back in the mix of things so that he’s not just floating around anymore. Secondly I’m 100% sure that the entertainment that we are about to get from the two of these men working together is going to be on a whole new level now that we have heel Zayn.

Josh: Could we see a tag title run for these two? For now they’ll work the top of the card and do this reverse authority angle. Sky is really the limit though.

Additional Notes:

– When the Street Profits come up to the main roster if they aren’t booked against New Day I’m going to be upset.
– There seems to be a lot of online talk about Shinsume Nakamura not flourishing the way most people would think he should have been but personally I think he’s doing just fine, he’s booked regularly (granted I wouldn’t have had him lose clean to Jinder Mahal), and I’m going to put it out there now he’s my pick to win the Royal Rumble.

– I want to follow up on the Nakamura point because the chatter online has mentioned that Nakamura is either failing in WWE or WWE is failing Nakamura. I don’t believer either of these things are true. He’s a mainstay at the top of the Smackdown card and he’s going to a have a prominent place going forward. This is about having patience and WWE lining up the pieces to tell the story they want to tell with Nakamura. Give it time, we’ll get Nakamura vs Styles soon.

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