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Coast 2 Coast: SummerSlam Fallout

It’s the fallout from SummerSlam 2017!

Who took the big leap forward? What shocking debuts happened over SummerSlam weekend? And who came out a winner for the biggest party of the summer?

1) This past Sunday was WWE’s biggest event of the summer, SummerSlam. What were your thoughts?

Corey: I’m gonna be honest the show was really “meh”. There were a few decent matches But it was really the main event that saved it from being a dud. I would give it overall a 7 out of 10.

Josh: Was a really solid show. The main event was sheer insanity and a star making moment for Braun Strowman. There were a few moments that weren’t great, but I can’t expect every match to be incredible and I found the overall pace of the show to be very good.

2) What were some of the high points for you?

Corey: Usos vs New Day for the tag titles. I already knew those men wouldn’t disappoint. Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss was pretty good. I loved that Randy Orton vs Rusev was quick because I had no desire to see them in a long match. I loved Naomi vs Natalya. I also had a friend over who never watches wrestling and by the end of their match he was fully invested and livid Naomi lost. Ambrose & Rollins capturing the tag titles. And obviously the Main Event of Lesnar/Reigns/Joe/Strowman.

Josh: Both tag title matches were awesome! There’s a real rebirth of tag team wrestling happening in WWE and I really hope they make it more of a focus going forward. Some of these matches could easily be the main events of PPVs and no one would be mad. I also think both the World and Universal Championship matches were really strong. The four-way was clearly superior, but Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal had a really good classic wrestling match. I’m fine with the dirty finish and lets these two go on to work a nice little program going forward.

3) What were the low points?

Corey: John Cena vs Baron Corbin. Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jinder Mahal was another. And lastly Big Cass vs Big Show.

Josh: That Big Cass and Big Show match was brutal. And not in the I can’t look away kind, I mean in the this match can’t end soon enough way. Enzo’s role in the match was nonsense, it didn’t do anything for anyone and it sucks even more in retrospect because Big Cass got hurt the very next night.

4) Now the Saturday before SummerSlam was also NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 3. What were your thoughts?

Corey: I absolutely LOVED IT. I had absolutely no complaints at all. Every match served a purpose as well as delivered 100%.

Josh: That entire event was awesome! NXT really steps up their game for these TakeOvers. They do a great job showcasing the rising talent, debuting the hot new thing, and bidding farewell to talent that’s moving up. When Aleister Black vs Hideo Itami is arguably the worst match on the card you know you’ve put together something really special.

5) What was the high point for you? The low point?

Corey: I can’t pick just one match because every match was a nail biter. Anyone could have went over in every match which led to a night of unpredictability which is great when it comes to wrestling. I had no low points to speak off. Asuka vs Ember Moon was amazing! I truly did think Ember was finally going to beat Asuka. Gargano losing to a reinvigorated Almas was not a bad move at all. Sanity beating Authors of Pain was amazing. I think AOP might have a main roster call up coming soon. The only thing that was a tiny bit weird was Hideo Itami wrestling as a heel but I got over that immediately. His heel ways seemed forced at first recently but after that match I’m fully on board.

Josh: I’ve already mentioned Black vs Itami was probably the worst match on the card, but even that was really good. The high point was the Authors of Pain vs Sanity match. That match had some insane moments and I had no idea what was going to happen at any point. Plus, reDRagon reforming in NXT and doing a run in at the end of the match was fantastic.

Additional notes

– Here’s to a speedy recovery for Big Cass who had a legit knee injury on Raw and needed surgery.
– Enzo’s move to 205 Live should help with people getting invested since he does have a personality that’s easy to latch on to.
– I’m also not mad at Bobby Roode’s Smackdown debut. Word is they view him as top 5 material so expect a big push for him coming soon.

– I’d like to welcome Adam Cole bay-bay!

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