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Coast 2 Coast: SummerSlam 2017

Brooklyn is ready to party for SummerSlam!

We made it guys! We’re finally at one of the big four PPVs and both nights of action look positively delightful. What are we most looking forward to and what do we wish wasn’t on the card?

1) This Saturday night will be NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. Which match are you most looking forward to?

Corey: They have such a stacked card it’s hard to choose, but I’ll have to say Asuka vs Ember Moon mainly because of what it will mean afterwards. If Moon wins then that means Asuka is on her way to the main roster which then means we’ll eventually get Asuka vs Charlotte or Asuka vs Sasha Banks! Sanity vs Authors of Pain should be good along with Bobby Roode vs Drew McIntyre. Honestly, the whole card looks great to me and I can’t wait to watch.

Josh: I’m probably most intrigued by Johnny Gargano vs Andrade Almas. I really like the new turn for Almas and it looks like it’s invigorated his career. Gargano is always great in the ring, plus I think this will probably be the opener so expect the hot Brooklyn crowd to add a little something extra.

2) Sunday night will then be the biggest wrestling event of the summer, SummerSlam. Do you predict any surprise returns or any swerves?

Corey: If it’s true that Sheamus is about to take time off then I see that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will capture the tag team gold. If not then we may get a Dean heel turn. Word is that Undertaker is going to be in town so he may show up to interfere in the Universal title match if WWE thinks he can do one more match. Outside of that I don’t see any other big swerve.

Josh: I’m sure something interesting will happen that’s unexpected. It’s a big four PPV so they won’t be pulling any punches. Unlikely to see surprise returns as I’m just not sure where you could something like that in for how big the card is.

3) Between TakeOver and SummerSlam which match are you least looking forward to?

Corey: It’s gotta be a tie between Randy Orton vs Rusev and Big Cass vs Big Show. Face Orton bores me and the only purpose behind Cass vs Show is to put Cass over.

Josh: John Cena vs Baron Corbin. Not because I think the match will necessarily be bad, but I don’t think there’s much for this feud beyond SummerSlam and there wasn’t much of a build. It’s also possible the crowd could take over this match and not in a good way.

4) Word is that the reason behind Baron Corbin’s failed money in the bank cash in is because he has major heat backstage. What are your thoughts on this?

Corey: I spoke briefly with Josh about this earlier in the week. If it’s true I think it was a stupid way of handling it. They could have had him put the briefcase on the line and dropped it to someone else to use later down the line. Just having him lose felt very Damien Sandow-ish(I’m still upset about that).

Josh: There seems to be a lot of ‘reported’ heat backstage recently with several of the newcomers to the roster. I try not to take a lot of stock in the heat discussion since anyone could have heat for any number of reasons at any time. However, I do think the creative team didn’t really have much in mind for this cash in. It might be a good thing long term though to have a few more of these failed cash ins dropped in so we as the audience don’t automatically believe whomever chases in is guaranteed to win. Create at least a small bit of doubt.

5) Adam Cole recently signed to NXT. What do you think that means for future storylines?

Corey: Well the fact that he was a member of the Bullet Club in New Japan means we may one day have a mini Bullet Club reunion. Word also is he’s going to debut any day now so for now I’m just excited to see how they use him.

Josh: Too early to tell really, but I do think this will free up someone to move up to the main roster. There’s a lot of big signings in NXT and while not all of them will pan out as we hope, it does mean the NXT roster won’t be completely gutted each year when call-ups are happening. I’m excited for Adam Cole, I think he’ll do big things.

Additional notes

– I’m excited for Johnny Gargano to be back in the ring. I just wish Ciampa was healthy enough to be back as well so they can start their blood feud.

– So the last few matches of Aleister Black were absolutely phenomenal and his entire character is surprisingly polished. I think he’s the guy I most want to be called up. I keep thinking about what he could do Seth Rollins, Cesaro or AJ Styles. Book it!

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