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Coast 2 Coast: Carmella and Corbin Cash In

Banner night for the Smackdown brand with MITB. We cover the best and worst from the event.

We’ve had a few disagreements this week on how certain events from MITB played out. But what did you think? Was it the right decision for Carmella and Baron Corbin to walk out with the briefcases? Are you pro or con with James Ellsworth’s interference? Let us know and lets get to this week’s topics.

1) Last Sunday was Smackdowns Money In the Bank pay per view. How would you rate the event overall?

Corey: I would say overall it was a solid event. We still got some good action regardless of the execution in some spots. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 7.

Josh: It was a little heavy on the screwy finishes, but overall a really solid event. There’s still some ‘controversy’ to sort out with some results, but I think the right people won both MITB briefcases.

2) What was the high point for you? The low point?

Corey: The high point was the tag title match between New Day and the Usos. I’m going to give them match of the night. The low point was the finish of the Women’s Money in the Bank match. Don’t get me wrong I believe Carmella was definitely the right choice for a winner. No problem with that at all. But having James Ellsworth be the one to unlock the briefcase and drop it down to Carmella be the actual finish felt wrong. I swore when it happened that the referees would argue and then restart the match or maybe even one of the women would knock him off the ladder. I just figured the ending would be with a photo-op of a woman holding the briefcase high at the top of the ladder to help solidify the Women’s revolution. But clearly WWE recognizes their mistake because now they are having a rematch this coming Tuesday with Ellsworth being banned from ringside.

Josh: High point was surprisingly the WWE Championship match between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal. There was a great story they told throughout that match and the interaction with the legends at ringside with the Singh brothers was a great additional touch. The low point was the toss-in match of Breezango and Ascension. It was an odd placement and it felt unfinished.

3) This week on Raw we finally saw the Big Cass heel turn. What are your thoughts?

Corey: We all saw it coming but I just wish they would have had a tag title run before breaking up. They never got the titles in NXT and now on the main roster they didn’t get them there either. Putting all that aside I love the way Enzo sold it. You could literally see the sadness in his eyes. Now that Cass is solo it’s going to be interesting to see what he does from here on out.

Josh: It was really well done. Several weeks of storytelling leading to this solid, though expected, heel turn. It was really good to let Cass just run on the mic as well. Cass wasn’t known as a talker in the tandem and Cass getting to show off his mic skills helped sell the segment. I’d like them to drag this feud out some because usually tag team break-ups call for one blow-off match and then immediately move on. Lets carry this out for a few months and see what else they can dig in to.

4) Going back to Money in the Bank we saw Lana in action for the very first time. What were your thoughts?

Corey: For her first time in a ring against someone as good as Naomi I think she did a great job. She was nowhere near an Eve Marie which is what I was afraid of but you can definitely tell she will get better and better.

Josh: Not terrible, which is a net positive. She has lots of room to grow yet so lets hope she makes great strides because I think she can eventually anchor one of the brands.

5) Switching gears here on Friday night Cody Rhodes defeated Christopher Daniels and became Ring of Honor’s new World Heavyweight Champion. What are your thoughts?

Corey: I think it’s absolutely well deserved. Cody was greatly underutilized in WWE and now that he’s out and making his rounds on the indie scene he’s really showing just how good he is. Congratulations to him.

Josh: If you weren’t buying Cody Rhodes stock before then you should be now. The Cody Rhodes indie scene revenge tour is phenomenal. The American Nightmare is the ROH champion and it’s a well-deserved honor.

Additional notes

– Mauro Ranallo is back on announcing and will be with NXT and I couldn’t be more happier for him.
– It’s been announced that Kairi Hojo has accepted an offer from WWE. I don’t know if this means she’ll be in the Mae Young Classic or not but if it does then she’s automatically going down as my pick to win it all!

– Good to have Daniel Bryan back on Smackdown regularly. Bryan is an easy crowd pop to start a show and does a great job getting talent over.

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