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Coast 2 Coast: Bring Home the Money

Bring on Money in the Bank!

Money in the Bank is a personal favorite of ours here at Coast to Coast. It’s usually our “hey you don’t normally watch wrestling, but this will get you hyped and out of your seat” PPV. So who is taking home the briefcases this year? We have predictions! Plus, we break down the rest of the week in WWE.

1) Starting off this week’s post with some good news, this week was just confirmed that Smackdown Lives Rusev is cleared to return from injury. What do you think will be first for him?

Corey: I’m not too sure but I’m excited about it! There are some that believe that had he not been hurt then it would be him in Jinder Mahal’s spot. Part of me expects to see him interfere some way in the Money in the Bank match Sunday night.

Josh: It really depends on what they want to do with him. I could easily see them trying Rusev out as a babyface and feuding with Jinder Mahal since they were in a tag team for a few months. But it seemed they were looking at maybe feuding him with Shane McMahon based on the vignettes from several weeks ago. I’m glad to have him back and he’ll really bolster the Smackdown roster.

2) Rumor is going around that Triple H is frustrated with the way NXT call ups have been treated once they get to the main roster. Do you think his frustration has any merit?

Corey: I can definitely see what he’s talking about. Tyler Breeze got wins overs Jericho and Ziggler only for Vince to give up on him shortly after. Look at how Bo Dallas turned out. Look at how the Ascension turned out. Sami Zayn should definitely be further up the card by now as well so yes I can definitely agree with Hunter on this.

Josh: I think we’re all a little frustrated with how many of the NXT call-ups have panned out. And this dates back to the days of when the Ascension, Big E, Neville, Bo Dallas and many others were all called up. We shouldn’t expect every one of these names to be instant success stories, but if the goal of NXT is to create future stars then what should the success rate be?

3) What was the most stand out moment for you this week from the live shows?

Corey: I have two. One being the Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar brawl. Those two are going to beat the daylights out of each other during their match and also I loved the kick in the face to Lesnar during the brawl. The other moment was the ending of the triple-threat last-man-standing match between Ruby Riot, Nikki Cross, and Asuka. Absolutely amazing.

Josh: Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar’s brawl is definitely the highlight of the week. I think the greatest challenge in booking a Brock Lesnar match is finding someone who seems like a legitimate threat and Joe ticks all the boxes. Great Balls of Fire should be a lot of fun even if the name of the PPV is a little off kilter.

4) This Sunday will be Smackdown Lives Money in the Bank pay per view. Who do you think of will come out as the men’s and women’s money in the bank winners?

Corey: For the Women I’m predicting Charlotte and for the Men I’m torn between Baron Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Josh: Might seem like an odd pick, but I’m really feeling Carmella for win on the women’s side. I really want James Ellsworth to be carrying around Carmella’s blinged out briefcase. On the men’s side I’m going with AJ Styles. I really think they should save Shinsuke Nakamura winning the title until later — maybe even until late next year.

5) Do you foresee Jinder Mahal retaining his championship in his match with Randy Orton?

Corey: I would like to see him retain. I can admit I wasn’t too keen on Jinder’s push at first but as of lately I’m all for it and I’d love to see him get another win over Orton.

Josh: Yes, I think. Something seems fishy with this match and a swerve is coming. Dusty finish maybe? I think Jinder is dropping the title before SummerSlam, but I’m just not sure when.

Additional notes

– I’m glad Zack Ryder is back but I hate that we have to see more Mojo Rawley.

– I’m really digging Hideo Itami’s heel turn in NXT. He has a violent arrogance that just bleeds through the television screen.
– Alright, I’ll admit it, this Titus-brand thing is starting to win me over. It’s genuinely kind of interesting and has added a unique dimension to Akira Tozawa’s character. It’s also really helped Apollo Crews these last several weeks. Really glad they found something for Titus O’Neill.

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