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Coast 2 Coast: Heading to Orlando

We are only one week out from WrestleMania!

But the biggest story of the week might be WWE’s apparent interest in purchasing Ring of Honor. On top of that we also learned HBK was offered a match against AJ Styles for this year’s WrestleMania! Also, would Kurt Angle make a good general manager? That and much more in this week’s mailbag.

1) Rumors have been circulating this week that WWE will be buying Ring of Honor. What do you make of these rumors?

Corey: If the rumors are true then I don’t necessarily believe that they are going to outright buy out ROH and bring in the entire roster to the main roster like they did back in 2001 with WCW and ECW. I think what would happen is that ROH would still operate as a separate entity from the WWE roster and would most likely get to air frequently on the WWE Network and then maybe once a year there may be some cross promotion matches.

Josh: It makes a lot of sense for WWE as it’s another promotion whose tape library they would gain access to. With many of their current top talents formerly of ROH, it’s an entire catalogue of material that’s untouched and represents the arguably the biggest net gain the Network could achieve in a single purchase. But that’s if it happens. I’m not certain the ROH deal is a sure thing, and it might be as simple as WWE inquiring and ROH just entertaining the offer. Crazier things have happened (WWE buying WCW) but call me skeptical that this deal actually happens.

2) This week we finally saw the Usos recapture tag team gold on Smackdown against American Alpha. What are your thoughts on this?

Corey: Well first let me say it was in incredibly amazing match so hats off to all four men. Secondly, I’ve been pushing for the Usos to get another tag team title run ever since they turned heel and here we have it! Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think there is anything wrong with American Alpha, but right now the titles feel better suited for the Usos at the current moment. I would love to see American Alpha add a little something extra to their gimmick though.

Josh: That match came completely out of left field, but it really highlighted the potential of a division that I’ve said for weeks was horribly neglected. If this is the launching point for the Smackdown tag division to take more airtime then perfect showcase. So rematch on the WrestleMania pre-show?

3) Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels just revealed earlier this week that WWE offered him a WrestleMania match against AJ Styles. Do you think those two would have been able to work well enough together to put together a solid match?

Corey: Absolutely without a doubt. Those two could have easily had a 5-star match. Personally I think if HBK wanted to, he could have gotten in ring shape leading up to this year’s Mania and still put on a 5-star match, but you can tell that Shawn is one of those wrestlers that means it when he says he’s retired and won’t be coming back to the ring.

Josh: No doubt it would be a classic. This is the just a cruel reminder that there’s some of our most perfect fantasy matchups will stay just that — fantasy.

4) For the NXT TakeOver event it is confirmed that Bobby Roode will be defending against Shinsuke Nakamura. Do you see a record breaking third NXT title run in Nakamura’s future?

Corey: Absolutely not. This is clearly the going away match the former NXT Champion always has right before being called up to the main roster. It’s going to be an amazing match no doubt, but Roode is clearly walking away with the title.

Josh: I do not. The top of the NXT card looks healthy again and Nakamura seems destined for the main roster. It’s a great send off match for a guy who, along with Samoa Joe, basically carried the top portion of the NXT brand for the better part of a year.

5) WWE’s twitter teased that Kurt Angle could be the next Raw General Manager since Mick Foley was “fired” from the position. Do you think Kurt could find a way to mesh well with the roster in this capacity?

Corey: Definitely. Kurt Angle picked up wrestling faster than almost anyone I’ve ever seen and I’ve been a fan of professional wrestling almost my entire life. He just had a knack for it from day one. Also if they clear him medically to wrestle and all the stars line up, it could lead to a match between Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar at some point. We can only hope!

Josh: Yes, a thousand times yes. Please make Kurt Angle the Raw General Manager! Angle is probably underrated on the mic, and already has a previous onscreen dynamic with Stephanie McMahon. Could they run back some of hilarious tension that existed when Angle was wooing Stephanie while Triple H was champion? It could sort of solve two problems has with the current power structure on Raw. Angle and Stephanie could get along great, while Angle could still play foil to Triple H if he takes a more active onscreen authority role.

Additional Notes

– Bill Goldberg commented in an interview this week that his match with Brock Lesnar would be a “bloodfest.” Now I doubt that it’s going to have a lot of blood, but if its going to be closing out the biggest wrestling even of the year I do hope that it’s a pretty brutal match.

– It’s time to be honest for a second. As excited as I am about WrestleMania, I’m also dreading it. The show is insanely long and wrestling fatigue is a real thing. Plus, with so many multi-person matches the show has the potential to get stale quickly.

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