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Coast 2 Coast: Artistic Rights

Who owns a gimmick?

Gimmick ownership is back in the wrestling news as Impact Wrestling (TNA, we’ll figure out what we’re supposed to call them at some point) and the recently departed Hardy Boys are battling over the rights to the Broken gimmicks. We dive into that and the week that was in WWE.

1) What do you make of the situation between the Hardys and TNA regarding rights to the Broken Universe?

Corey: Well on one hand I understand that business is business and if it’s anywhere in writing that TNA would keep the rights to it if they left the company then unfortunately TNA would be in the right. But as a fan I think it’s ridiculous. Without Matt and Jeff there is nothing that TNA could possibly do with the Broken gimmick that wouldn’t completely flop along with the fact that the gimmick was Matt’s idea to begin with. As a fan I hope he can continue to use it elsewhere because I would love to see them have a final run in the WWE using the Broken Universe.

Josh: It’s a great question a who owns the rights to a character. It’s well documented that it was a Matt Hardy creation with possibly some Jeremy Borash influence and depending on who you talk to a smattering of other individuals. But at it’s core it feels like an extension of Matt Hardy’s creative mind and so if he didn’t sign over the rights to the character then he is at liberty to use it regardless of if it appears in Impact Wrestling or not. But it is a real question of whether a wrestler owns their gimmick. And until it can legally be resolved I don’t think we’ll ever really get an answer.

2) This week’s episode of Smackdown saw the furthering of the feud between Miz and Maryse vs John Cena and Nikki Bella. What are your thoughts on the booking so far?

Corey: Honestly I’ve only ever been invested into maybe two mixed tag matches but this one has definitely become the third! Miz and Cena have been cutting amazing promos and Maryse and Nikki are doing great as well. These four have taken a match that could have easily been just a throw away and turned it into a match that not only feels personal, but one I am legitimately excited about.

Josh: They’ve done a really great job carrying this story across multiple formats and playing into the internet speculation. It’s a smart mark’s dream come true with intrigue in every detail and a giving us a genuine reason to watch shows like Talking Smack or Total Divas and Total Bellas to see if we can’t gleam a little extra piece of the puzzle. Of course it also just works on it’s face value of wow these two teams don’t like each other. It’s a best of both worlds!

3) Rumors are also going around that the draft this year won’t be exactly like the previous drafts and instead there will be trades and NXT call-ups instead of the whole roster being up for change. What are your thoughts on this?

Corey: I think it’s a good idea. They can still come up with different feuds as well as prolong any ongoing storylines that they may want as well. Hopefully Smackdown can acquire a little more talent this go around because it is blatantly obvious how thin the talent pool is on the blue brand.

Josh: Smart idea. It would be a cool if there were like a trading window or an NXT signing period that could be a special on the Network. Just another thing that would inch holdouts to signing up for the Network. Beyond that, just small differences in the rosters for both brands will freshen up storylines.

4) This week on NXT for the next Takeover even it has been announced that for the NXT Tag Titles it will be Authors of Pain vs D.I.Y. vs The Revival in a triple threat match. What are your thoughts on this match?

Corey: For one, this next NXT Pay Per View is shaping out to have an amazing card that could easily compete with the main roster. Two, I am excited about this match. This could easily be a 5-star match and could possibly be the match of the night but either way I can’t wait to see what these three teams do.

Josh: NXT has quickly put together one of the most interesting cards of the year in a very short time. You don’t see a lot of triple threat tag team matches so it will be interesting to see how they put this match together. I foresee some really cool spots.

5) Word is that WWE officials are not too happy with Alex Bliss’ ring performances as of late and are also down on her due to the fact that they brought Mickie James back to work with the rookies yet the two still have very little chemistry. What are your thoughts on Alexa Bliss’ in ring performances as of late?

Corey: I don’t have anything against her, but if I had to pick a heel woman on the roster to carry the women’s championship it would have definitely gone to Natalya and for a face, since Naomi is hurt, Becky Lynch. Alexa’s performances haven’t been terrible to me but at the same time I don’t ever look forward to seeing her in the ring.

Josh: I think it’s a little unfair to Alexa to pin the chemistry issues solely on her. Is there room for improvement? Definitely, but you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water just because the water gets cold. Figure out a way to make this a hot angle again. You have to put these people in a position to succeed. It’s a team effort!

Additional Notes

– I’m looking forward to what type of high risk move Shane McMahon will do in his match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania.
– Seeing The Usos get the victory over American Alpha this past Tuesday gave me hope that eventually we will see the Usos as champions again but this time as heels which I am all for!

– Props to Mick Foley on Monday cutting a really scathing promo that hit all the right notes. Also biggest props to Triple H for an even more scathing promo that actually made me feel a little uncomfortable — in the best way! Add in the vicious beatdown delivered to Seth Rollins to close Raw and it stuck as the lasting moment from this week in wrestling.

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