Virtual Reality: Not Virtual Any More

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Virtual Reality: Not Virtual Any More

Virtual keeps getting more real.




Even though the construct of visual hocus-pocus had been around for centuries, the late 80’s gave us a new hero, Virtual reality. It only makes sense that such a giant concept would take more than 30 years to finally grab us from our reality. A technological boom and  regular use of  personal electronics have immersed us in a digital world. Physically we are more connected to our electronics than ever before. We have screens that give us images as sharp as the human eye is capable of perceiving. Virtual reality is the logical next step as we eventually reach the peak of  flat graphics. The ability to trick the brain into being more involved with graphics has created a whole new direction for consumer grade devices.


Large companies such as Samsung, Sony, Facebook and HTC have began to support and offer widespread backing towards virtual reality. These companies have propelled virtual reality into the forefront of consumer electronics and solidifying it as a stepping stone to the future. The utilization of virtual reality is obvious and desired.  Before you get too concerned about being stuck in the matrix remember that you may still want to see just how far down the rabbit hole goes. Virtual reality is here to stay.

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