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Coast 2 Coast: They Fight in Hell

Will anyone be left standing after Hell in a Cell?

The most terrifying structure in WWE will arrive this Sunday with three matches to take place within this demonic structure. Hell in a Cell is here and there’s a real chance someone takes a dive off the top of the cage on Sunday.

1) The Raw pay per view Hell in a Cell is this Sunday. Based on the card do you think there could potentially be any big upsets coming?

Corey: I wouldn’t necessarily say there are any upsets but the only shocker I could see coming is Sheamus and Cesaro getting the win over The New Day and becoming the tag champions. I personally hope they don’t just due to the fact that I want the New Day to break the record for longest running tag champions. Every other match on the card is pretty balanced with a lot of them being able to have the win go to either opponent or team and still make sense.

Josh: I think the biggest ‘upset’ would be if Rusev knocks off Roman Reigns to recapture the US title. I won’t go so far as to predict that outcome, but I think that’s where the most likely title change comes this Sunday.

2) What are your thoughts on TJ Perkins reign so far as Cruiserweight Champion?

Corey: In all honesty, I like a few of his entrance and moves, and his submission is pretty cool but other than that he’s a little boring to me. It may just be just the fact that their division is also poorly booked that has me underwhelmed but even still TJ Perkins was one of the few cruiserweights during the CWC that I had no interest in seeing a lot of.

Josh: It’s fine, a little underwhelming for how strong he looked coming out of the CWC, but that’s more on WWE for losing the momentum than anything the individual performers are doing. I just feel like there’s still restrictions on these guys where they are trying to form them into the WWE style of cruiserweight and whether that’s true or not, it’s still the prevailing perception.

3) What are your thoughts on Randy Orton’s turn on Kane this week on Smackdown?

Corey: Honestly it was inevitable. Outside of Evolution, Legacy, and the short lived Rated RKO, Orton has pretty much been a solo star. They call him The Viper for a reason. There’s no reason that he would join the Wyatts for any other reason than to get close enough to turn on them again and prolong the feud.

Josh: I’m ready for this feud to be done. It’s a good stop-gap measure for both performers while the main event scene shakes out a little, but there’s been so many misses with this feud already in the very wonky backstage segments that it’s taken away from anything interesting in the ring. Here’s the problem: the Bray Wyatt character is broken and I’m not sure if there’s a good way to fix it.

4) Rumor has it that Shinsuke Nakamura isn’t going to be leaving NXT for a while and they plan on making him their flagship guy for the time being. What are your thoughts on that?

Corey: I’m completely ok with it. He’s one of my favorite performers right now and at the time I don’t see him having a place on the main roster just yet. Also I think the next person that should come up from NXT should definitely be Samoa Joe. He’s primed and ready for the main roster.

Josh: Definitely a good call. Not sure where he slots in at the moment and he’s such a talented performer that he will command television time. I’d rather they bring him up in a way that’s impactful and properly establishes his character than just calling him up for the sake of filling out the roster. Just don’t leave him in NXT too long or I feel he may get bored.

5. With Hell in a Cell this Sunday, what two matches are you predicting to steal the show?

Corey: I have said it for the past three weeks, Sasha Banks and Charlotte are going to put on a clinic. With this being the first women’s hell in a cell match they are going to try and set the bar. The second match I’m going to have to go with is Roman Reigns vs Rusev. This match is going to be brutal and regardless of how the crowd reacts to him he shows and proves every single time.

Josh: The whole card looks really good, but I’m probably most excited to see Sasha vs Charlotte and Owens vs Rollins. That collection of workers could wrestle for two-thirds of the show and no one would leave their seat. However, if given time, the show-stealer might be New Day vs Sheamus/Cesaro. Tag matches always have the possibility to turn into something great and with the roll New Day are on and the quality that Sheamus and Cesaro can both put forward there could be some really stunning spots in this match.

Additional Comments

1) I really hope Brian Kendrick takes the title from TJ Perkins. It would make more sense to have a heel carrying the title and having a face pursuing it than the other way around.
2) I really hope Bayley doesn’t lose too much momentum from being in this feud with Dana Brooke. Especially after how badly their match was received this past Monday.
3) I really want them to do something with Sami Zayn. He’s just been floating around aimlessly for a while and he’s too good of a talent to not do anything with.

1) Why would anyone think that Brock Lesnar would get booed in his home state. That’s just poor planning.
2) It’ll be interesting to see who challenges AJ Styles for the WWE World Championship as it seems Dean Ambrose is out of the running. They could always write around it, but it’d be interesting to add someone else to this mix.
3) NXT is finally picking up steam again as the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic finished the first round and it steadily marches on to TakeOver: Toronto. Speaking of which, Asuka vs Mickie James is going to be amazing!

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