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Coast 2 Coast: Any Survivors?

Who survived Hell in a Cell?

It wasn’t the awe-inspiring night we had hoped it would be, but history was made as two women were the main event of the evening for the first time at a PPV, while also being the first time two women had competed inside Hell in a Cell. Truly historic. Was more history made this week? Let’s discuss.

1) Raw’s Hell in a Cell pay per view was this past Sunday. What are your thoughts?

Corey: Majority of the show was pretty predictable. One surprise that actually made me pretty happy was THE Brian Kendrick becoming the new Cruiserweight Champion. I want him to have a decent reign since his character is the most fleshed out amongst all of the cruiserweights. That and it just makes more sense to have Kendrick as the champion at the current time. The second surprise was one that still has me confused. Charlotte going over Sasha cleanly just has me baffled. What does Sasha do now? And not that I have anything against Charlotte, but Sasha being champion means some brand new feuds that I was looking forward to. Also it just sucked to see Sasha lose in her hometown.

Josh: It was a solid but not great PPV. Spreading out the three Hell in a Cell matches was smart and the show overall was pretty well paced. Was it the most shocking and landscape changing event in wrestling? No. But it did a nice job of setting up some stuff for later on down the line and blowing off some of the bigger feuds. You could tell this was a bit of a reset in order to get plans for Survivor Series on track.

2) Ambrose vs Styles should be nearing its end within the end of December. What do you think should be next for both men?

Corey: Styles should retain and most likely his next feud is going to be Randy Orton, but I would rather it be Bray Wyatt. As for Ambrose if Orton is AJ’s next feud then there is a high chance WWE will choose to go with Wyatt vs Ambrose again which doesn’t necessarily excite me anymore.

Josh: I think the best scenario is Ambrose moves on to a program with John Cena. There’s some unfinished storytelling there from the past few months and I think they could have a nice little program leading up just past the Royal Rumble. AJ is the top guy and really any feud he enters into would be interesting. But it’s really hard to ignore the rumors of a possible dream match of Styles versus HBK at Royal Rumble.

3) What are your thoughts on the Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stare down at the end of Raw this Week?

Corey: I feel like WWE wanted to that moment to be bigger than it actually ended up being. A good amount of the crowd liked it but not as much as they probably wanted. As far as my thoughts, I truly hope they team up at Survivor Series and that ends up being the place Roman Reigns finally makes his heel turn.

Josh: The crowd seemed to like it. Quite a few Shield chants which I found a bit surprising. Like Rock and Austin or Bret and Shawn, I think we’re entering into a phase where Roman and Seth are always going to be linked together throughout their WWE careers. There’s something very compelling about watching those two go at it or team up. I’m interested to see what happens come Survivor Series.

4) How much more time would you give the Cesaro/Sheamus feud?

Corey: As long as they are entertaining I say keep at it until the New Day breaks the tag team record, then let Cesaro and Sheamus finally take the gold. Then have both of their egos get out of control and have them drop the titles at the following PPV and begin their one on one feud again.

Josh: The strange bedfellows story always has legs because there’s the question of when does one of them turn on the other. But as I said before I think they’ll get the tag titles after New Day breaks the record. If they want them to run with the titles for six months then I think it’s definitely doable. Or they could get them and drop them the next day and that would be a good angle too. Lots of options makes for good television.

5) WWE has announced their All Women Tournament? What are your thoughts?

Corey: After how well the CWC was done I am ecstatic about this tournament. We don’t yet know all of the participants but I can’t wait to see what they have in store. And speaking of the tournament it also looks like its confirmed that WWE is going to be doing three tournaments a year, Cruiserweight, Women, and Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, all of which I am all on board for.

Josh: It will definitely depend on the participants, but this has the potential to be amazing. Women’s wrestling has entered into quite the rebirth in the mainstream and a tournament showcasing some of the best indie women’s wrestling is exactly what the WWE Network needs.

Additional Notes

– I hate to say it but the Shining Stars are not interesting no matter what gimmick they choose. Still great workers but just very bland.
– I would really like to know the logic behind Charlotte beating Sasha. For the life of me I cannot understand why that happened.
– Goldberg clearly had some ring rust on Monday. Hopefully he’ll have some of that worked out by Survivor Series.

– Charlotte continues her undefeated streak at PPV events and frankly I think it’s kind of cool angle. Yes, it’s at the expense of Sasha, but think of it this way. If Charlotte hasn’t lost a PPV match in the lead-up to WrestleMania and then say Bayley gets the rub of not only winning her first Women’s title, but also of being the first to knock off Charlotte on PPV then it’s star making moment. It’s like a a mini-Taker streak that’s entirely contrived for long-term storytelling purposes and not just by happy accident.
– I need the Baron Corbin spot on the Smackdown Survivor Series team one explained to me. Not because he doesn’t deserve the spot, but because he’s barely been on tv except in this weird feud with Jack Swagger and now he’s in the main event picture.
– Dolph Ziggler’s open IC challenge to the Raw roster at Survivor Series is a really awesome opportunity to do something interesting. I’ve got a feeling (prediction time!) that we’ll get to see a Sami Zayn versus Dolph Ziggler match!

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