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Coast 2 Coast: The Summer of Discontent

We’re loaded with content this week as the biggest party of the summer is ready to kick into high gear. Two solid go-home shows send is into a weekend full of content. So are the guys ready to tackle it all? Read on to find out!

Coast 2 Coast is cowritten by Josh Rebuck.

1) What’s your highlight and lowlight from the go-home Raw?

Corey: The highlight for Raw was, without a doubt, the Finn Balor entrance. I’ve always been a fan of it. Granted I really wish they would have waited until Sumerslam to have him do the entrance, but he’s still relatively new to the main roster so maybe they were trying to have him do something more to help get the crowd more invested in him. Lowlight would definitely be Neville vs Jinder Mahal. That match was clearly a bathroom break.

Josh: The best two segments on Raw both involved Rusev and Roman Reigns. With Rusev opening the show to demand an apology for the previous week’s wedding cake disaster to booking a non-title match between the two in the main event. WWE told a portion of a complete story and the match was excellent, plus it gives both guys reason to step up their game on Sunday and deliver something extraordinary. Their US title match is a darkhorse candidate for match of the night. The lowlight would have to be them pulling the trigger on the Balor entrance for Raw. Balor’s Demon King entrance is really cool, but it should be used for special occasions. The go-home Raw before a big four PPV was not the show. Save it for SummerSlam because even if the match is crap, which it won’t be, fans still have something to talk about and the spectacle adds credibility to a brand new title.

2) How about Smackdown?

Corey: The low-point was definitely the multi-team tag match. I’m assuming they just wanted to give everyone some screen-time because that was just a mess. The highlight was definitely the Dolph Ziggler/Dean Ambrose promo. I haven’t seen Dolph that fired up in a while. Do I think he’s going to win? No, but in wrestling losing isn’t always a bad thing and hopefully it gets him back in the main event scene more often.

Josh: Have to agree with Corey here. The multi-man tag match didn’t do anyone any favors. Plus they’re resetting it for SummerSlam that’s likely to have a similar outcome. The problem is I’m not entirely sure what these teams are fighting for. Dominance in a brand’s division that doesn’t have tag belts. It reminds me of the same problem they had last year with the Divas Revolution where they tried to get too many people over at once. That whole program turned to mush and this is treading dangerously close to that territory as well. The highlight was Heath Slater against Randy Orton. They’ve stumbled on a bit of gold with Slater in recent weeks, his promo with Brock Lesnar on Raw was incredible as was the beat down he took and then to follow it up with a DQ win over Randy Orton furthered not only his own storyline, but made two of the biggest attractions on the cards match matter more! I never thought I would say this, but Lesnar vs Orton is more compelling now because of what Heath Slater did this week.

3) What’s the match you’re most looking forward to from NXT: TakeOver Brooklyn 2?

Corey: That card is so good! I’m excited for almost the entire event. Samoa Joe vs Shinsuke Nakamura has me beyond excited. I can’t wait for that bell to ring for those two. At the same time Asuka vs Bayley is going to be amazing and I know it. I can feel it … those two are going to put on an awesome match!

Josh: I’m not sure if TakeOver Brooklyn 2 is as good of a card as last year, but man they certainly are putting their best foot forward. I’m most looking forward to Bayley vs Asuka as those two had a great match over Wrestlemania weekend and the rematch has been building for months. You also have to imagine this may be Bayley’s last match in NXT so there’s a whole lot of emotion that will come during the contest and post match.

Bayley vs Asuka 2These women are guaranteed to put on a show you won’t soon forget. Women’s wrestling for the win!

4) What’s the the can’t miss event this weekend: ROH Death Before Dishonor XIV (aired on Friday), NXT: TakeOver Brooklyn 2, UFC 202, or SummerSlam?

Corey: I’m going to go with NXT: TakeOver Brooklyn 2. The card is amazing and the main event could possibly be the match of the entire weekend!

Josh: For as much of a wrestling junkie as I am, I actually really want to see UFC 202 and it all comes down to Conor McGregor. His whole persona is that of a take-no-prisoners wrestler. I see him and am immediately reminded of Steve Austin circa ’98. He is a draw by just existing and to be standing across the octagon from a dude that gives absolutely zero $%*! about anything in Nate Diaz … it just makes for amazingly compelling television and I can’t imagine not watching it.

5) Which match should close the SummerSlam show?

Corey: Without a doubt Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor should close the show especially if they plan on putting on the classic that I know they can. The only exception would be Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar and that should happen if, and only if, the ending had something huge happen like if John Cena turned heel, interfered and attacked Lesnar to help Orton get the win. Other than that or something of that magnitude then Rollins vs Balor should definitely close out the show.

Josh: Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler should close SummerSlam. With Smackdown just starting to matter again and Raw debuting a brand new main championship during the event, the best bet is to let the established title close the show with two guys who will put everything on the line to send the crowd home happy. Also I have an inkling something different may happen in the Ambrose vs Ziggler match than we’re expecting and it’s also good to go out on a shocker.

… Just as long as it’s not the ShockMaster.

Balor vs RollinsAmbrose vs Ziggler
Which match do you want to see close the show?

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