Sausage Party – Crude Food

//Sausage Party – Crude Food

Sausage Party – Crude Food

The sophomoric animated film is more snack than full meal.

I recently went to the theatre to check out some new releases. Since Suicide Squad is heavily talked about, and an entirely different conversation, I decided on Sausage Party.


Admittedly, as a young adult, you get a little rush from knowing you can see a rated R movie, and boy was this one. Sausage party starts off fun and the plot of the movie is obvious from the start. You’ve got a bunch of food personified, living in a grocery store under the assumption that when they are bought, they are free to some magical perfect life.

They find out quickly how wrong they are when one food item makes it back from “the great beyond”. I won’t summarize the entire movie but know that everything starts to flow and the movie picks up and follows the motions of any movie where all the characters are trying to avoid their inevitable fate.


Now why did I feel like this was only matinee material? Well for one, the language. Don’t get me wrong, I knew what I was walking into here, and I don’t have the cleanest vocabulary either but at some point big boy words aren’t funny when used excessively. It just comes off as lazy. After about the first 30 minutes in, you hear so many that you stop laughing hysterically and just kinda snicker.

Also the way the film ended left a lot of people in the theatre like “huh, that’s it?”. I mean literally right when the credits rolled people were asking if that was the end. After all that (and when you see it, you’ll know what I mean) the film just ends without a real wrap up for the characters or the story.


It wasn’t all bad however, there were a ton of funny jokes with hidden symbolism behind them (that ironically didn’t contain a ton of cursing) and I felt more of those types of jokes would have made the movie better. As adults we enjoy more witty comedy with some cursing, and if Rogen thought to write the film that way it would have been way more enjoyable.

All in all, if your looking to pass an hour and thirty minutes, watch Sausage Party, but get a matinee ticket. It’s honestly not worth the full price of a movie ticket and you’ll feel better about spending that $5 versus $10+ if you saw it past matinee times.

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