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Coast 2 Coast: The Lines are Drawn

With one week until Survivor Series, did we just watch the entire WWE landscape shift?

It was not a dull week in wrestling as teams were finalized heading into Survivor Series with major consequences on the horizon. The inter-brand matchups were decided and Smackdown heads towards it’s 900th episode featuring the return of the Undertaker.

1) This week on Smackdown Shane McMahon was added as part of Team Smackdown for the Brand vs Brand Match. What are your thoughts?

Corey: Honestly it kind of shows the lack of depth that the Smackdown Roster has. To have to add a non-wrestler is kind of upsetting but I get that they want to add some star power to the match. But at the same time it’s not like this is unfamiliar territory. Going back 15 years Shane was also a part of the survivor series elimination match then too.

Josh: It’s an interesting twist. There’s a few talents that this spot could have gone to, but I think it builds some intrigue because you have to imagine this will lead to a feud for Shane McMahon against someone. Who remains to be seen, but I don’t think he’s added to this marque matchup without reason.

2) Speaking of Shane, the only reason he was added was because of a storyline injury that took Baron Corbin out of the match. Do you think there’s any reason behind it?

Corey: Yes, because he’s just not connecting with the fans even though he has a sick finisher. Baron needs some personality in the worst way and until then I don’t see much investment going back into him.

Josh: I hope this isn’t an indictment of Baron Corbin because I think he has a lot of potential going forward. I think we could see his feud with Kalisto continue which is probably a good spot. Corbin just needs time and reps to be a significant heel moving forward. Would he have been better served being in the traditional Survivor Series match? Maybe, but at least he doesn’t have to eat a pin.

3) Rumor has it that in 2017 WWE will be cutting back on Pay Per Views. How do you feel about this?

Corey: Honestly I think it’s great. With less PPVs there is more time to build feuds so that when rivals do have matches the audience will have had enough time to get invested as well as the fact we won’t have to see some of the same matches over and over again.

Josh: Oh our prayers have been answered. The current slate of PPVs is just unmanageable, from a production schedule to a viewership schedule, it’s just overwhelming and doesn’t give anything a chance to breathe. These last few weeks were really good because we’re getting a slower burn into Survivor Series. And if they want to keep putting content on the network that’s fine too, but maybe just televise some house shows from like MSG or smaller venues. Stuff that’s fun to watch, but holds no consequence to the main show storylines.

4) With Survivor Series coming up what match so far are you looking forward to?

Corey: Dolph Ziggler vs Sami Zain. These two could do like Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan did back in 2010 at Bragging Rights by surprising everyone and stealing the show!

Josh: I’m really looking forward to the men’s 5v5 Survivor Series match. Like the Royal Rumble these matches are special because they only happen once a year. I mean how often to you get to see that many main event talents all compete in one ring at the same time? Add in the in-team feuding and the whole match sparks with excitement.

5) Do you see any swerves coming at Survivor Series?

Corey: At the current time the only one I think may happen is Randy Orton turning on Bray and costing team Smackdown the match but there may be others coming. We still have time to wait and see.

Josh: Not sure if this is a swerve, but I think there’s a very good chance Kalisto wins the Cruiserweight Championship and moves the entire division over to Smackdown. I believe 205 Live is slated to premiere the Tuesday after Survivor Series so it would only make sense from a production schedule standpoint to move the division over. Does this mean Sami Zayn then wins and takes the Intercontinental Championship over to Raw so belts are evenly traded? Somehow Survivor Series became an event with a lot of unknown variables making the entire thing way more intriguing.

Additional notes:

– I LOVED how over Bayley was on this week’s Raw.
– I’m patiently waiting until Cedric Alexander gets his shot at the Cruiserweight title. That man is a star waiting to happen!
– The ending of Raw with Kevin Owens falling on Jericho was perfect. I really can’t wait till these two face off.

– Braun Strowman continues to trend upwards. He’s like a young Big Show with size and athleticism for days.
– James Ellsworth is one of the most over characters on the roster and him being made the Smackdown Survivor Series Team mascot was just brilliant!
– I’m ready for the Miz to move back to the main event scene. His work these last few months, really over the past year-plus, is just phenomenal. He’s underrated and deserves another run at the top of the card.

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