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Coast 2 Coast: The End Has Come

Money in the Bank is a week away, but there’s more than that to cover as WWE news was on full tilt.

NXT, Money in the Bank and Brock Lesnar set to compete at UFC 200. All that and more in this week’s mailbag!

1) Now that NXT Takeover: The End has wrapped up, what do you think the next step is going to be for Finn Balor?

Corey: If you were reading our posts then you know that I am patiently waiting for the Finn Balor call up to the main roster and now it’s about to happen. The only thing is I’m not necessarily sure how he’s going to be brought up. He could be brought in as a face and he could feud with the now heel AJ Styles over The Club name (I really, really can’t stand that name), or he could be a heel as well and join The Club and help AJ win in his feud with Cena. Time can only tell and I am beyond excited to see what happens with Balor next.

Josh: I think a call-up is imminent, but there’s one more match left in NXT for Finn Balor. I think Balor will pull double duty during Summerslam week and have his last match in NXT with Shinsuke Nakamura, while also competing at Summerslam in some large team tag match.

2) With Neville showing up at NXT Takeover: The End, what do you think that means for his character as well as his placement on the roster?

Corey: Neville is a great talent and moves so swiftly in the ring, but the only problem was that he had no character really other than the guy who can do a crazy amount of flips. He may be making a return to NXT to help him hone his new gimmick before returning to the roster but at the end of the day I’m still excited to see Neville in the ring again.

Josh: I don’t think there’s any fear of Neville’s spot not being there when he is healthy enough to return. He seems like a sure bet to return to a mid-card title feud on one of the two brands in the near future. Also, I really dig the bearded look he has going on.

3) Titus O’Neil returned from his suspension a few weeks ago and is now in a program with Rusev over the U.S. Title. Do you think this is the beginning of a singles push for Titus?

Corey: I would love to see Titus have a singles push. He can talk, he can work well in the ring, and he’s got a good look, but I don’t know if they are going to pull the trigger on Titus getting the title just yet just because WWE is pretty adamant about not letting the talent play hot potato with the titles anymore and it could just be too soon for him to win just after his return from suspension.

Josh: I may be in the minority, but Titus O’Neil is just uninteresting. I get the size and his bark thing gets the crowd going, but something is just off about his character and look. I’d much rather see Darren Young in this feud over Titus.

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4) The Money in the Bank Pay Per View is right around the corner. With that being said what match are you looking forward to seeing the most and why?

Corey: Normally I would say it’s the Money in the Bank Ladder Match because the winner will get the chance to challenge the WWE World Heavyweight champion at any time in the next year, but with the addition of the Fatal Four Way Ladder match between The New Day/Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows/Enzo & Big Cass/The Vaudevillains my focus will be on that match more than any other match on the card. Also I think this match will lead the the passing of the tag titles from New Day to either Gallows and Anderson to help The Club look strong.

Josh: The John Cena/AJ Styles match may end up the match of the night. I’m ready to see what Cena is like back from injury. His 2015 run is probably the best of his career from an in-ring standpoint so I expect big things for 2016 Cena. AJ has also just been absolutely phenomenal (see what I did there). It’s sort of the dream match we never knew we wanted.

5) It is confirmed that Brock Lesnar will be a part of UFC 200 in Vegas this year. What are your thoughts on this decision and how do you think WWE will benefit from this decision to let one of their biggest talents take part in another brand’s event?

Corey: Vince McMahon is no fool. I could bet my next paycheck that for Brock to be allowed to go and participate in a UFC event there HAS to be not only a major financial gain for the WWE, but also I can see that Vince would want access to some of their talent as well to use at Summerslam as well.

Josh: Interest abounds with this one. Brock Lesnar is basically allowed to do whatever he wants. I mean would you tell that guy no? But I also think there’s some serious risk involved in this. If Lesnar loses to Mark Hunt then it lessens Lesnar’s stock as a monster that can just tear through the WWE. However, if he wins then not only does it put him in another stratosphere for what they can do with him, but whomever does get a win over Lesnar in WWE then looks like a monster killer. It’s high risk – high reward. Bonus: If WWE can weasel a deal that gets Ronda Rousey a match on a WWE card (Summerslam or Wrestlemania) then it’s a coupe on several counts because it makes the card that much more star studded.

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