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Coast 2 Coast: Goldberg Returns

Goldberg! … Goldberg! … Goldberg!

Hell in a Cell is just over a week away and surprisingly the women might be closing the show. NXT debuts a new stable and Bill Goldberg returns to Raw after 12 years away from the ring. Let’s get to it!

1) In the wrestling world there were quite a few surprises this week. One of which would be the Women’s title announced as the main event match for Raw’s Hell in a Cell pay per view. How do you feel about this?

Corey: Unlike Eric Bischoff, who said he was against the idea of the two women in a Hell in a Cell match, I am 100 percent all for it as I stated last week, but now here we are this week knowing that this match is going to be the main event — I’m beyond ecstatic. The women’s division has had a major uprising in talent that they didn’t have for quite a while so to see them now in the main event of a pay per view I can say that I’m proud of both of them.

Josh: If this does indeed close the show, I’m hedging as I think it’s entirely possible the card will change, it shows WWE is committed to featuring women’s wrestling on an equal playing field as the men. It’s long overdue and the talent level of these wrestlers reinforces it. Charlotte vs Sasha Banks is probably the best feud in the WWE right now and if you subscribe to theory that the best feud/match should close the show then this match deserves its rightful place in the spotlight.

2) Another surprise came when Dana Brooke beat Bayley clean. Do you think this will help Dana get over more or to keep Bayley busy until its time for her to challenge for the Women’s title?

Corey: I definitely think this is to keep Bayley busy. She’s an amazing worker and really over with the crowd. It seemed like even the announcers were shocked by Dana’s win this past Monday and I can say that I was definitely surprised too.

Josh: So here’s a thought: Was that supposed to be the finish to the match? I think something else was supposed to happen that didn’t and so everyone had to improvise a little. Does it help Dana? Absolutely, if they want to build her character then wins can only help her cause. But this ‘feud’ is a placeholder until they decide to move Bayley back into the main event scene.

3) One of the rumored tag matches for Hell in a Cell is supposed to be Enzo and Big Cass vs Luke Gallows and Carl Anderson. What are your thoughts on this?

Corey: If this were 4 months later I would definitely be ok with this but at the time when BOTH teams need wins badly I think this is the worst time to pair these two teams against each other. Gallows and Anderson lost to New Day so many times I’ve lost track and Enzo and Big Cass have pretty much lost most of their matches since coming to Raw and haven’t had a real significant victory since leaving NXT. If this match-up is supposed to turn to a long term feud then this match should end in a no contest/draw with both teams getting disqualified for brawling too long outside of the ring or something along those lines.

Josh: I’m surprised they’ve moved to this as I thought Enzo and Cass would do a little more with the Shining Stars first. However, one of the great things with Enzo and Cass is that because they are very entertaining their losses matter less. WWE kind of dropped the ball with Gallows and Anderson, and they were arguably hurt most by the brand split. Like Corey I’d like to see this match end in a no contest with just an all out brawl taking place. Book these two teams in a tag team street fight after Survivor Series and print money!

4) Eric Young’s stable Sanity made their debut in NXT last week. What did you make of it?

Corey: I absolutely loved it. I instantly wanted more. I loved the gimmick. I loved the entrance. I love that the smallest one seems to be the wildest one and I cannot wait to see where they go. I have always loved stables, whenever they’re done correctly, and this one after only two appearances has already shown me they’ve done it right.

Josh: It’s a very cool concept. But what really sells it is Eric Young. He just fits as this weird de facto leader of an anarchist group. I’m not sure if it would work on the main roster, but it’s early yet, has plenty of time to develop and fits as a perfect gimmick in NXT.

5) After 12 years Bill Goldberg finally made his grand return to Monday Night Raw and he also accepted Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar’s challenge. What effect will this match have on the Survivor Series card and just based on the promo on Monday how well do you think the crowd will receive this match.

Corey: I stated last week that I wasn’t a huge fan of this match but the crowd ate it up. Also Goldberg’s promo was incredibly effective. Short, sweet, and to the point and I loved the last part with him saying “Not only are you next. You’re last.” Showing that this won’t be a long term feud. Now obviously this match is on the card simply because Survivor Series is one of the Big 4 Pay per views so WWE definitely wants to bring in more viewers and what better way to do that than to bring in the nostalgia? I don’t think this match should go 30 minutes just because of their size and also Goldberg’s ring rust might keep him from being able to put on a 30-minute match, but if they keep it hard hitting then they should be able to give the crowd everything they want in 15 MAYBE 20 minutes. Only time will tell. But as I mentioned last week I still have my reservations about this match.

Josh: I think it’s clear this will close Survivor Series. Goldberg did an incredible job of selling this match and I’m going to have to backtrack some from last week. I was overly critical of this potential match. It really is worth putting out there and will pull in extra viewers. So who really cares? Is it something I’m super interested in seeing? Not really, but Goldberg is still relevant even after 12 years away from the ring. So why not do ‘one more match’ (I’m of the belief this is not going to be Goldberg’s only match, just wait until McMahon backs the money truck up for WrestleMania).

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