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Coast 2 Coast: Bring on the Money

Will Money in the Bank continue to surprise us? Who are we ready to see in the CWC? Who’s Next?!

Money in the Bank is Sunday – arguably the hardest show to predict of the year. We’ve got thoughts on that and so much more!

1) All 32 wrestlers for WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic were revealed. Who are you most excited to see wrestle and who is your early pick to win the whole thing?

Josh: Kota Ibushi is not only the one I’m most excited to see in a WWE ring, but also my darkhorse pick for winning the tournament. He’s similarly styled to a Shinsuke Nakamura with the kicks and punches, but has a great repertoire of arial moves at his disposal too. He’s fluid in the ring and already an international star. This is one guy who WWE would do well to retain at the conclusion of the tournament.

Hightlights of Kota Ibushi from and the WWE youtube channel.

Corey: I gotta admit that there are a few in here that I’m not all that familiar with so I’m gonna start doing my homework but the one that I am fully aware of is Zack Sabre Jr. I cannot express how excited I am to see him in this tournament. As for who could be a winner, I’d love to see Zack win it but Josh makes a compelling argument with Kota Ibushi. But I may just stick with my pick for Zack on this one.

Check out Zack Sabre Jr.’s qualifying match for the CWC courtesy of

2) Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) recently purchased a stake in TNA. We’ve heard rumors of TNA in dire financial struggles, is there any way back to prominence for TNA?

Josh: Probably not. If rumors are true then Slammiversary 2016 and the television tapings following wouldn’t have happened without the late financial investment of Corgan. I think if you’re looking for a competitor to WWE then you’re better off looking elsewhere because while TNA is still around, and I’ve reported on their demise for a few years now, this isn’t exactly a hole you dig out of.
Corey: Honestly I don’t believe so. TNA spent way too much time letting the wrong people be in charge of the direction for their product and they have let waaaay too many talented individuals slip through their fingers. To be blunt Billy Corban’s financial investment in the company will make about as much of a difference as when Justin Timberlake purchased a stake in Myspace.

3) Goldberg is gracing the cover of WWE 2K17. We have to imagine Goldberg will make a WWE appearance to promote the game, but will we also get another Goldberg match?

Josh: I’m giving a tentative yes. This has to be the plan right? Why put marketing effort into promoting Goldberg on the cover of the game if you didn’t also want him to do at least one more match? I think WrestleMania is the safe bet for a Goldberg match and John Cena is the likely opponent. Book it!
Corey: I’m gonna go with a yes. I can’t see WWE putting Goldberg on their game and not trying to get at least one match out of him. He even said it himself that he has about 50 matches left in him. Just as long as the match isn’t a snooze-fest like his match with Lesnar a few years ago then I’m all for it! Who’s Next?!

4) Any possibility of a surprising return for Money in the Bank?

Josh: While not necessarily a surprise, we might see the return of Sasha Banks at the conclusion of the women’s tag match. Banks is rumored to be out with a concussion. I’m not sure if she’s cleared to return or when she will be, but if they want Banks in a program leading to SummerSlam or the brand split then now is the time to start building it.
Corey: I see that Josh and I are on the same page this week because I’m thinking Sasha Banks might return as well. They may bring back Bray Wyatt, but at the current time I don’t have any idea where they would put him if he returned on Sunday so it might be best if they kept him off until they do the brand split.

5) Make a prediction for the Money in the Bank show:

Josh: I’m doubling down on my prediction from a few weeks ago and saying Kevin Owens will win the Money in the Bank ladder match. He will then hold said briefcase until SummerSlam where he cashes in, wins the title and sets fire to the internet.

Corey: The Money in the Bank Ladder Match is going to be won by either Kevin Owens or Dean Ambrose. Dean could win it and use that to work himself into a triple threat with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns at a later date or even cash in on Reigns at the end of the night (I doubt WWE would have the stones to pull that trigger the night of the win, but it’s a nice thought); or Kevin could win, let Dean eventually work himself into the inevitable Shield triple threat and then cash in on the winner of the match making him the top heel in the company! The tag team ladder match: Hopefully, The Club gets the win because they need it to look strong and it’s time for The New Day to drop the titles anyways. They’ve done extremely well carrying the tag division for the better part of a year and a half. I hope so badly that AJ beats Cena. He has to win this match. He can’t lose to Reigns and then get beaten by Cena right after. Two losing feuds for someone as new to the WWE audience as AJ would not help his character at all. Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin both need wins to keep their main roster call-up from being a waste of time. I’d love to see Titus O’Neil win the US title but I just have a feeling Rusev is going to retain here.

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