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Coast 2 Coast: Ambrose Cashes In

Dean Ambrose welcomes us to his asylum. Featuring one resident WWE world heavyweight champion.

Money in the Bank was a show filled with amazing highs and some serious lows. Then Tuesday came and brought word of Roman Reigns first wellness violation and subsequent suspension. Just another wild week in the world of WWE.

Coast 2 Coast is co-authored by Josh Rebuck.

1) There was a lot to take in from Money in the Bank; give us a like, dislike and something you would change:

Corey: I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say I liked, no, I LOVED Dean Ambrose cashing in his Money in the Bank contract the very night he won it. I have to swallow my words because last week I said I didn’t thing WWE had the stones to pull that off and yet here we are with Dean Ambrose as the World Heavyweight Champion, FINALLY. I would definitely have changed the women’s tag match. I just want more singles matches with the women that way each woman gets a chance to actually show what they can do. What I flat out did not like was the placement of the Sheamus/Crews match, women’s tag match, and the Ziggler/Corbin match. With the lack of interest in both singles feuds they should not be placed so close together.

Josh: I really enjoyed the Rollins/Reigns match. There was incredibly interesting ring psychology happening with Reigns working heel most of the match and Seth Rollins almost a babyface. They told a great story with the surprisingly cash in of Ambrose to cap the show off. It made up a lot of ground for how poor the main card started. Speaking of which the fatal-four-way match for the tag titles was hot garbage. Which is a real shame because on paper it looked like a sure-fire winner. There were just very obvious mistakes with the conclusion of the match a sequence that made zero sense. Like Corey I also would have changed the match order. I understand why it was ordered the way it was, but Rusev/O’Neil could have gone early with Corbin/Ziggler taking it’s place. The latter feud was long enough to deserve a bigger spot. And if the concern was with prestige then just run MITB, Styles/Cena, Rollins/Reigns back-to-back-to-back. The Vegas crowd was certainly hot enough to not get burned out.

2) Roman Reigns is suspended for 30 days following his first violation of the wellness policy. What does this mean for his immediate career and his future?

Corey: It’s all going to depend on what it was he was actually busted for. If it turns out to be similar to what happened to William Regal a few years ago then he should be fine and it’ll be completely forgotten about once he’s back. If it was something like steroids he’s gonna have to work pretty hard to build up the WWE’s trust in him again because it’s common knowledge he was being groomed to be the next face of the company after John Cena. At the end of the day as long as he can stay out of trouble he’ll be fine. It’s not like some of the top stars in the company aren’t already on their second strike *cough* Randy Orton *cough*.

Josh: It’s probably going to derail his immediate future. I would imagine it might keep him from securing the WWE title for the next year or so as WWE is very conscious of wellness violations, especially when it concerns their top stars. I’m more surprised the wellness violation was announced as prominently as it was, but the 30 day suspension still returns him in time for the Battleground main event. Just means he won’t be winning the match. Long term I don’t see this as an issue. There are several first time offenders on the list and a few second time offenders. It’s only an issue if WWE feels they can’t trust him, but he’s still in the Battleground main event (as of this writing) so I don’t believe any faith is shaken.

Roman Reigns violates the WWE wellness policy, currently serving 30-day suspension. Image courtesy

3) What are your thoughts on the segments of running out former general managers prior to the WWE draft?

Corey: After seeing Teddy Long seemingly rambling like a madman I just roll my eyes whenever it happens. I’m more excited about the draft than anything else.

Josh: So this is clearly a thing now. We’ve had Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis. The return of People Power was a better segment than Teddy Long’s, which is probably due to length more than anything. I’m fine with it as long as it’s short. Also if it means we get an Eric Bischoff or Mick Foley appearance we might get something really special.

4) Are we ready for the Wyatts versus the New Day?

Corey: It’s going to be an interesting dynamic. Bray’s mic skills vs New Day’s is something I hadn’t really thought of before, but it could be really entertaining. I’m genuinely interested to see where WWE decides to go with this.

Josh: Yes, but only because they probably felt compelled to pull the trigger before the draft. I think there’s a real possibility one of these two factions is broken up by the draft. It’s a money-making angle so while I would have liked to see more of New Day versus The Club, I completely understand the necessity to make this match happen while they still can.

5) Is it the right move to put the WWE draft on the new, live Smackdown?

Corey: It’s definitely the right move. It’s really the only one that makes sense. With Smackdown now going live as well as on a new night, what better way to get viewers by having the event that is going to change the entire landscape of WWE on that very night?

Josh: Here’s the problem. The draft is going to take some time, and I mean a lot of television time. The last time WWE did a draft it was the preeminent feature of the show and they only did the top few picks with the rest announced on There was a really good opportunity to write a lengthy Raw draft that filled the entire show. Then the very first episode of the new Smackdown is freshened with a distinct roster and with the opportunity to start the ball rolling on new story lines. I guess if the Raw before the draft is a blow-off show then it works, but there’s some lost opportunity.

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