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Coast 2 Coast: 205 Goes Live

Will WWE’s new show breathe life into its new division?

So when we did questions this week we totally forgot there was a PPV on Sunday. Hopefully Smackdown’s TLC PPV is good. We’ll have our reactions next week.

1) 205 Live Debuted this week. What was your first impression?

Corey: I’m really glad they have another outlet to show what they can do. The main even was AMAZING, but I really am surprised that they had The Brian Kendrick drop the title this early. I could have sworn he was going to have a long title reign before they had him drop the title but congratulations to Rich Swann!

Josh: Solid first episode and I think this is the correct format to give these guys space and develop storylines. We’ll have to wait to see if Raw and 205Live will tie properly together, but first impression is pretty solid.

2) Rumor has it that WWE is looking to possibly bring Indie content to WWE Network. What are your thoughts on this?

Corey: As a wrestling fan this would be amazing if they showed different Pay Per Views from companies like Ring of Honor or New Japan. On the business side for WWE I’m not so sure how that would work but I’m sure someone there does. I think its a great step forward for WWE since its been known to only want to promote its people.

Josh: If true, it’s a huge get for the Network, but bigger than that is what it could do for anyone they want to bring in to the company from the indie circuit. WWE has recently taken a very pro greater wrestling universe acknowledging outside companies, even letting certain wrestlers keep their names and not rebranding them. Imagine what it would do to have the announcers talk about a debuting superstar and then plug a Network collection of his matches so fans can get familiar with their work before hitting the main roster. That’s a win-win scenario for WWE as it puts more content on the Network adding greater value and also gives more credence to the debuting WWE superstars allowing them to sell merchandise faster.

3) Monday Night Raw saw another title change with the Women’s Championship with Sasha Banks winning the gold back. What do you think the reasoning behind this is going to be?

Corey: I love Sasha as Women’s Champion and the way she won the title this past Monday was sick! Using a guard rail to assist with the Banks Statement was really dope. And now both can say they have beaten the other in their hometown. I don’t know what WWE’s reasoning could be for these two ladies playing hot potato with the title is but hopefully their next face off will be the end of their feud. I love what they’ve done but it’s about time for something new.

Josh: I have to imagine it’s more to prolong this feud than anything else. There’s definitely a growing process for the other women on Raw and I think the slow-burn tactic they’re using for Nia Jax is correct, but is forcing them to find ways to extend the Charlotte vs Banks feud. The Raw womens scene is a shell game trying to figure out who gets paired with who going forward.

4) Goldberg and Lesnar are both announced to be in the Rumble match. Where do you see this going?

Corey: This one is pretty easy if you ask me. One is going to eliminate the other and then come back to cause the other to be eliminated as well which will lead to their third and final match at Wrestlemania. Now we may actually get a real 10 to 15min match between these two, but that’s just a guess. I would definitely bet money their rematch will be at Wrestlemania.

Josh: To WrestleMania for match number three — I don’t think there’s really any other option. Lesnar is on the redemption storyline now and Goldberg is on the superhero chasing a title shot. Where those stories bisect in the Royal Rumble will give us one more matchup.

5) This week on 205 Live we saw a new addition to the commentary team in Austin Aries. What are your thoughts?

Corey: He did an amazing job! So much so it seemed he was getting more cheers than some of the match participants. He did great but I definitely prefer him in a ring capacity over talking simply because he’s just that good

Josh: Holy crap Austin Aries can talk! I mean I knew he was good, but his commentary was stellar. It reminds me a little of when CM Punk was doing commentary while he was out with an injury (same as Aries) and it’s just great to hear someone bark about competitors knowing at any moment they could step in a start a brawl.

Additional Notes

– New Day is slowly creeping up on the record for longest tag title run and I for one am not mad about it. Yes they may be getting a little played out from time to time but they’re still over with the crowd and the fact that they pretty much carried the tag division, along with almost carrying Raw pretty much by themselves for a significant amount of time, means they deserve to break that record
– Sheamus and Cesaro finally getting along makes me wonder what their next step is going to be.

– I really like Rich Swann as champion, but I have to wonder what this means for TJ Perkins. Hopefully they’ll figure out a way to keep him involved in the Cruiserweight Title picture.
– The new Wyatt Family storyline with Randy Orton has only gotten better as it has gone on. I don’t know what the endgame is, but it’s made Orton more interesting and elevated Wyatt to a different stratosphere.

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