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Coast 2 Coast: Bring It Back

There could be some familiar faces and ideas returning to the WWE soon. Who or what will it be?

What’s old is new as some recent WWE booking has reminded us of yesteryear and what might be returning to our television screens rather soon.

Coast 2 Coast is coauthored by Josh Rebuck.

1) What are your feelings on Dean Ambrose championship run so far?

Corey: I am completely fine with a Dean Ambrose title run. He’s beyond over with the crowd and has that IT factor. I’d love to see him have at least a four to five month reign and really sink his teeth into being champion.

Josh: Surprisingly strong. I’m not the biggest Ambrose fan, but there’s no denying the favorable crowd response he’s drawn. He’s a great change of pace guy who could very easily grow into the role of top guy in the company. So far so good.
Ambrose has had quite the run so far as WWE champion. Image courtesy of

2) Should we be expecting more, less or about what we’re getting with the current women’s storylines?

Corey: I think we should be expecting more. They made it a point to push the Divas/Women Revolution in wrestling but it seems that they only focus on two women at a time when there’s plenty of women that can be showcased even without the women’s championship on the line.

Josh: I think we all knew this is what it would eventually be. I think we should expect more, but temper our expectations. Don’t get me wrong, women’s wrestling has come leaps and bounds just in the past three years, but the excessive hype has turned this current few month run a little sour. I also think a large portion of this oddly centers around Emma’s injury. The Dana Brooke and Charlotte pairing doesn’t really work, and because we can surmise that this wasn’t the original plan the whole thing just doesn’t read correctly.

3) What did you think of Smackdown’s opening few segments surrounding the US title?

Corey: I think it’s about time that there is some focus on the US title. It was relegated to either being a preshow prop or not even showing up on pay per views and that’s just an injustice. I’m beyond happy with the opening segment though. I definitely want to see more multi-person feuds involving titles, especially the secondary titles.

Josh: That entire opening half hour of Smackdown was brilliant. Opening the show with four pretaped promos, to the fatal four way No. 1 contenders match then immediately flowing into the title match; I think we could all do with more of that style of narrative. Plus, the outcome is irrelevant. What matters is we saw a great match with some semblance of meaning and everyone looks good. That’s how you build five superstars at once while changing nothing in the grander scheme. Good on you WWE for putting together two solid hours of television.

4) We’ve seen a few ‘squash’ matches recently, are we due for a return of the jobber role?

Corey: Definitely. It’s necessary for developing monster like characters that you want to go over with the crowd as being beasts in the ring. I have no problem with squash matches just as long as it makes sense.

Josh: I really hope so. The jobber (or dude that loses all the time) is a tried and true staple of pro wrestling. It gets the characters you want to build over quickly without diminishing the current guys on the roster. Their return is long overdue and as long as it’s not an overabundance, like ’93 Raw era, then yes this role should return.
An ode to Barry Horowitz: You were a jobber who lost every match. You lay there for three, flat on your back. Image courtesy of

5) Rumor is several former WWE talent were contacted about returning to the company for the impending draft, who do you most want to see back and why?

Corey: Shelton Benjamin and MVP! I loved those guys! If you’re reading this and you’re not familiar with Shelton’s work then do yourself a solid and look up Shelton Benjamin vs Shawn Michaels. Those two had a CLASSIC match together. Also look up MVP’s promo that he cut on Legacy a few years ago. He was talking circles around Orton and company. Hopefully there’s a chance that Jeff Hardy could come back as well.

Josh: I don’t even care how obvious this is, but all I want is Kurt Angle back in a WWE ring. He’s still one of the best in the world and with the crop of athletic talent in today’s WWE there’s serious possibilities of five-star matches for however long Angle has left. Also my heart just skipped a beat at the thought of watching Angle vs Shinsuke Nakamura again (these guys actually faced each other in 2008, watch it … it’s amazing).

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