Are We Tired of Origin Stories?

//Are We Tired of Origin Stories?

Are We Tired of Origin Stories?

Do audiences really need to see The Waynes, Krypton, or Uncle Ben die again?

With the new release of Batman Vs Superman there is yet another amazing comic book film adaptation to add to the collection that our generation has.  With well over 50+ titles of movies and Tv shows in the last 20 years from varying publications like Marvel, DC, and Image comics you begin to wonder how many times must we sit through a origin story?

I know what you’re thinking now, there are people out there who have never read a comic a day in their life, so they need to be filled in on what’s going on with our hero and how they came to be a hero. I understand that logic, but with the limitless information that is available on the internet does one really need to read the entirety of a backstory that can be summed up on a wiki page. Especially for character like Superman and Batman who have had at least 3 origin movies in the past 15 years.


Take Black Bolt for example, He’s not a well known Marvel character like Thor or Iron Man, but in 30 seconds a novice can learn he’s an Inhuman, first appeared in Fantastic four #45, and gained his abilities after being exposed to the Terrigen mist. Which brings me back to my main topic, do we really need to spend 30 minutes of screen time telling a story that’s not only easy to find online but can also be condensed to 5 minutes with flashbacks. Now of course exceptions can be made for the lesser known characters that are being introduced to the cinematic universe for the first time, but even then must it be done? Mad Max was a brilliantly done movie without wasting half of the allotted screen time on Max or Furiosa’s origins.

I’m assuming that because i’m such a huge fan that I could be overthinking this and that maybe there is nothing wrong with hollywood remaking and retelling classic stories. I’d like to hear other opinions on this topic, leave a comment and let me know do you agree with me or should they continue on the same path.

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  1. Matt April 26, 2016 at 9:36 pm - Reply

    Personally, I still enjoy origin stories for the most part, though I do think enough is enough–like I’m glad Spiderman Homecoming won’t be another origin. On the other hand, origin stories for characters like Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, or Justice League members I would actually prefer to glossing over it. Their origins in the movies will differ from the comics, and I’m always interested to see how they translate it.

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